El Medano “The Sand Dune”

From time to time, we love something for no apparent cause at all, and sometimes we have million motives. That is how I feel about El Medano.

There are so many reasons to love this town. It has its own special charm.

Although, it is not as touristy, as other towns in the South, it is always beaming with life and people, and yet it is very calm and peaceful.  

El Medano

Yes, it can be windy, but we get to take images of kite-surfers, like the one above. It looks so spectacular.

El Medano
El Medano

Fully Recharged

I love coming to Medano, I always feel like my batteries are fully recharged every time I visit.

I hope these pictures Conway the raw beauty, this sparkling gem is offering.

El Medano

La Montaña Roja “The Red Mountain”

This volcanic cone located in El Médano, is a protected natural preserve, along with five other “espacios naturales,”

The best time to climb is in the early morning, to be back down before noon. Sun can be strong especially in the summer, remember to put some skin protection. It is easier to climb up, be careful coming down, lots of loose volcanic rocks can be very slippery, wear proper hiking shoes. It should take about half an hour going normal paste.

Montana Roja

Make sure to bring your camera. (I forgot mine and both of my phones, will have to go again, I guess). It is well worth a visit, the views from the top are truly spectacular.

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