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Hello ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to TFS Guide. We are three ladies, Brunella, Milady and Geena on a mission to help visitors to this beautiful Island, with the best advice and tips, that we would give to our Family and friends. We are determined to help local businesses get in front of international clients before they arrive to Tenerife.

We hope to achieve that with your help. Use promo materials and detailed information to read and print, and use however you see fit with your selling style.

The price list however, will be corrected and adopted to the corona crisis, that we are experiencing at the moment.

We reduced the official prices for 50%, which you can correct for the next six month, or until situation and businesses return to normal. If you think you have different prices in mind, that you feel would sell better, please contact us to chat about it.


Your percentage from a sale will be 15% and the bonuses will be:

  • Over €2500 you will get 17%
  • Over €4500 your percentage will be 19%
  • Over €6500 your percentage will be 21%
  • Over €8500 your percentage will be 23%
  • Over €10500 your percentage will be 25%
  • Anything over €10500 will be 30%

Your percentage will be calculated after tax (which will be 20% in the beginning, 40% when we register as a business), and 10% that we will gift to charity.

We will be correcting the price list and bonuses for the first six months, until everyone feels super happy and satisfied with the percentage and ads price. 

How long Will I Receive Commission?

For as long, as your referral is a client. Let’s say they are clients for six month, then stop the ads and decide to restart after one year, you will start receiving the commission, when they start again. If they are clients after 5 years, you will get the commission for the time they are paying clients.

Hope you decide to join us, and if you have any questions contact us, we will be happy to answer.


We are online Advertising and Social Media Marketing Company. We sell Ad Placement on our website.

Latest Prices For Ads Placement?

Due to current crisis and devastating blow to the economy, we adjusted the prices and reduced up to 50%

Who Can Join?

We work very hard to keep our brand ethical and we expect the same high standards from our partners and clients.

We’re flexible on the number of years of previous experience. We highly favor talent and interest. Some candidates may see this list and feel discouraged because they don’t match all the items. Please apply anyway: there’s a good chance you’re more wonderful than you think you are.

  1. You have to look professional, clean and presentable
  2. You have a strong communication and people skills
  3. Sales experience would be an advantage but not crucial
  4. You are a lifelong student with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge
  5. Commitment to excellent customer service

Promo Materials

We explained everything in Associates Proposal Guide and prepared Project Proposals for clients in Marketing Project Proposal. Latest Price List is linked below but you should always contact us if you think any price would work better.

How and where ads will be placed, you can find in Ad Placement Pdf.

Suggestions are more than welcome, rest assured that we will take any advice very seriously.