Tenerife Views – little Known Places

I used to live in Granadilla, a little town in the mountains above San Isidro. I love walking and for that reason people always suggest new places for a hike. The place I want to share with you, is next to the church in Charco Del Pino, and not many people know about it.

Just before the church (going from Granadilla, on the left hand side, image bellow), turn left. It is secluded, well hidden and not easy to stumble upon.

Charco Del Pino

Little road will take you up the hill, with the cross on top.

Charco Del Pino View

You could take coffee or a book and enjoy the stunning views, all the way to Atlantic Ocean, Medano and Los Abrigos.

Tenerife View

You could walk to Charco Del Pino from Granadilla, but if you are coming from Los Cristianos, Las Americas or Adeje you will need a car or a bus. Titsa’s 416 is passing by going to Granadilla.

Tenerife View

It was a cloudy day when I snapped these pictures, which is not very often in Tenerife. So these images are not the clearest, maybe I take better ones next time. Camera does’t do it justice anyway. 🙂

Nevertheless, it is worth the time and effort. Let me know if you love it as much, as I do.

Tenerife views

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