TFS Guide Team – About Us

Welcome to Tenerife South Guide, your number one source, for the best experiences in Tenerife.

We are three ladies on a mission to bring you the best excursions, top quality restaurants, bars, shows, accommodation, top deals, secluded beaches and hidden little gems, known only to locals and residents. Explore and enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful Island with us.

Hi, we are TFS Guide team; Brunella Capitani, Milady Ortiz and Geena Antunovic. We started this website as a guide we hoped for, when we first arrived to Tenerife. This lovely Island has so much to offer and we are dedicated to help you create great holiday memories with your loved ones.

TFS Guide Team

We would love you to feel at home on our website, so if you do have any suggestions and especially enquiries, please drop us an email or message on whatsapp. We will answer and collect your questions and post them into FAQ section.

There is no such a thing as a stupid question, so rest assured that we will do our best, to find solutions and help that you need. You would be doing us a favour with your suggestions and feedback, to create a better content for future visitors, that we can all enjoy this magical Island together. TIA for that. 🙂

We created a place you can trust to obtain the most accurate info about Tenerife, and get the tips & advice we would give to our Friends and Family.

Above all else, we want to inspire you to travel, meet other traditions and have the best possible time when you arrive here. We fell in love with this magnificent Island, its kind and warm people and climate, stunning nature and laid-back culture.

We want to translate the love we feel, into experiences and beautiful memories you can take home with your Families and loved ones. 

Welcome to Paradise,

TFS Guide Team