Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife. Beautiful place to visit! Lovely views to the blue sea or the highest point on the island ” El Teide.”

Puerto de la Cruz was the first place tourists visited on the Island. Therefore, its a fabulous place that keeps its original marine flavor despite the hundreds of thousands of travelers it embraces every year. It still has its fishing pier intact, where the boats arrive very early with the fresh fish.

Sitting in the Plaza del Charco is a sublime pleasure. Also having an ice cream in one of the cute ice cream shops is a blessing! There is also the great privilege of watching the waves break on the coast of San Telmo. You can enjoy the spectacular Lago Martianez in the background. It makes the perfect postcard!

Locals will delight you with culture, busy area by the pier, lots of stores, coffee shops so that you get a real taste of the Canary Islands.

Weather is perfect all year around. Getting from the South of Tenerife to Puerto de la Cruz is in fact, a dream come true. Narrow roads up hills, landscaping changing from dry climate to green vegetation and elegant pine trees in a blink of an eye! Once there, you can enjoy the warm climate by the pier while you look at the iced pick of “El Teide” mountain.

A place to remember for the people, the climate, the flavours, the culture and the feeling of being home.

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