Most people do not know the existence of the eighth paradise of the Canary Islands, due to its small-scale. But la Graciosa, with its graceful and raw beauty is just as unique as the other seven islands.


La Graciosa consists of two fishing villages (Caleta del Sebo and Pedro Barba) and is home to around 500 residents. Located 1km away from Lanzarote, you can get to La Graciosa by a daily ferry service from Órzola port.

Graciosa Island

You can enjoy the island by taking an excursion by catamaran – a great option for everyone including children. They offer fun water activities, lunch, unlimited drinks and a splendid view of the Playa Francesa and of course the remarkable ‘Yellow Mountain’.


For those who want to explore the luscious landscape on their own terms, can rent a bike or go hiking. Either way it is an adventure of a lifetime. Pirates used the island for shelter from the Atlantic Ocean. In the 1760s it is said that a British crew was followed to La Graciosa by a pirate galleon and so, fearing their booty would be captured, buried their gold somewhere on the island, refusing, despite torture, to reveal its location. The story, including evidence found of an Admiral Hawke in the area in the 18th century. Some say the treasure is still buried there today.

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