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Brunella CapitaniCiao I’m Brunella, the Italian factor of the team. I’ve lived in 12 different countries, travelling is my life and even if I studied business, to work in tourism and hospitality was always my choice.

“We travel to seek other places, other lives, other souls” (Anaïs Nin).

My mission? helping others to cross bridges from their comfort zone to the rest of our beautiful world. People often ask me which country I like the most: each place is unique for it’s history, culture, habitat… Some sceneries will take your breath away, sometimes their food will deliciously surprise you…or maybe just that unforgettable smile, that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Travel enriches our soul, opens our minds and hearts. What I can do here is to share my knowledge, my love and passion for this magical island and its beautiful people, and maybe even save some of your precious time to find the best spot for a picture, best restaurant for a celebration, and best beach where to drop your message in a bottle to the Ocean. 

Love always,


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Milady Ortiz

Hola! My name is Milady. I am Cuban. Certainly, I left the sun for more sun! My granddad was originally from Tenerife so thanks to my mom and the perfect weather I ended up moving here with my family!

I´ve worked in Tourism all my life. First, as Guest Service. Then, Sales at a beautiful beach resort in Cuba. Finally, happy to do Sales again on this paradisiacal island!

I love travels and people. It seems they come together! Therefore, I like to visit places, learn their culture and make friends all over the world. Those are the things that give me joy in life. 

My goal is to guide you because according to your likes, I can show you the easiest way to see and enjoy the sites. I will be delighted to share my experiences with you. You will go back home with precious memories for life.

¨Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.¨ Ibn Battuta.
Enjoy your tour!


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GeenaAntunovicHi, I’m Geena. I am Croatian, Website Designer & Developer. I Love Super Stylish & Light – Weight Websites! I love everything about technology, specially how it connects the world and brings human beings closer on this beautiful planet. 

I value kindness & human decency above all skills, wisdom and intelligence. I am vegan and animal lover, passionate about learning new skills and self development. Always striving to improve, embrace new challenges; remain committed, motivated and maintain excellent world-class standards.

I think “Travelling is enabling us to gain a greater understanding of different cultures and alternative perspectives. We develop a deeper respect for the needs and ideals of others.”

¨This breathtaking Island has a portion of heaven for everyone’s taste. We will recommend, where to get your slice of paradise.

I really hope that you feel, like you have a friend in us. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer.

Hugs from Tenerife,

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