Banana Plantations Tenerife

If I had one advice for you, what to make sure to try, when you come to Tenerife, it’s definitely to try Canary bananas. Most likely, they will be sweetest bananas you have ever tasted. The flavour is something like caramel mixed with banana. They have a unique aroma, if you are lucky to find them ripe. We are truly privileged and spoiled by banana trees. 🙂

Banana Plantation Tenerife

Where To Find Them?

You can find them in small shops called fruteria or on Farmers Markets.

Banana Cultivation

Greenhouses cover over a third of the 9,000 hectares dedicated to banana cultivation. Canopies, tents and plastic protection sheets reduce UV radiation, protects the crop from salt spray and winds in coastal areas.

Banana yields in the Canary Islands are among the highest in the world. Dwarf Cavendish is the most popular kind They are very small, but usually very sweet. Bananas have two nomenclature systems: one for the seeded species of banana and one for the seedless edible bananas.. You can learn more about bananas here.

Banana Tree Tenerife

Visit Banana Plantations

If you choose to visit some of the banana plantations on the South, it is the best to go as a part of a tour. Guides have extensive knowledge and you will have fun experience. The history and cultivation is well explained in an informal, friendly manner. Entrance is around €7 adults, €5 for kids and it is well worth the money. Local shop sells various produce, from banana liquor, wine to spreads.

If you are banana lover, this will be a fun experience and something different. Let me know what do you think about the taste of Canary Bananas.

Banana Flower Tenerife

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