Milady Ortiz

Milady Ortiz

Hola! My name is Milady Ortiz. I am Cuban. Certainly, I left the sun for more sun! My granddad was originally from Tenerife so thanks to my mom and the perfect weather I ended up moving here with my family!

I´ve worked in Tourism all my life. First, as Guest Service. Then, Sales at a beautiful beach resort in Cuba. Finally, happy to do Sales again on this paradisiacal island!

I love travels and people. It seems they come together! Therefore, I like to visit places, learn their culture and make friends all over the world. Those are the things that give me joy in life. 

My goal is to guide you because according to your likes, I can show you the easiest way to see and enjoy the sites. I will be delighted to share my experiences with you. You will go back home with precious memories for life.

¨Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.¨ Ibn Battuta.
Enjoy your tour!