Tenerife island is a real treasure for those who like to walk. What about a walk on the beach near the shore? Do you prefer a walk surrounded by shops and restaurants? Maybe you like hiking in the quiet beautiful hills while watching the spectacular view of the ocean. This island can even offer you incredible walks in a Norwegian-style forest, where the only sound will be the unique chirp of talented little birds.

What I share here is a different kind of walk. It’s the kind of walk we do for hope, when we want to be close to God or to reconnect with ourselves.  An ancient walk following the steps of many before us. 


The Path of Incarnation, or what is called in our days, The Path of the Virgin, was named in gratitude to the Virgin Mary and her many received favours. Historically this walk was the procession of the image of the Virgin from La Enramada to the Hermitage of St. Ursula, in order to protect it from pirate attacks during the 16th century. This was the story behind the name of the road.


The Path has its origin at the gate that is located following the Exit 79 of T1 motorway, from Fanabé to La Caleta. Towards the coast crossing ancient cultivation plots to the Tosca Colorada. It is here where the marks of carts were carved in the limestone, therefore confirming this site as a place of transit of goods. You will pass the site of the Era, and find the site of the Humilladero where the Virgin of the Incarnation first appeared. The tour ends near the Hermitage of La Enramadaor, known today as the Old Hermitage of St. Sebastian.

May each step you take in this path being closer to your answer. May you reconnect with humanity. Many people walked those path before you, hugs and love.

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