‘The Sky is not the Limit’   Teide By Night

‘The Darkest Nights produce the Brightest Stars’

Tenerife Teide in the Canary Islands is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are regarded as the ‘Hawaii of Europe’ where you can find beautiful warm weather all year round.

You will discover 13 different micro-climates separated by the highest peak of Spain. ‘El Sir Teide’ is 3,718 meters of a mountain, standing on a 7,500 meter block of lava under the ocean.

While you’re driving up to the mountain you will witness an incredible and magical tour. The temperature will change in every corner together with the 12,000 different bio diversity present in the island. You will leave the palms on the seaside to be greeted by the beautiful pine tree forest, similar to the one in Northern Europe. Hence, one can never be ready for the spectacular breath-taking sight at the top of the Teide.

Did you know that NASA is testing new machines on Tenerife Teide soil as it is similar to the soil on Planet Mars? Walking here will give you an impression of being on another planet. In every passing second closer to the sunset, you will witness changes of colours, temperature, and feelings. When the sun set is complete, and the night hides the magic of the lands – the show will start in the sky.

Professional scientists equipped with fantastic telescopes will introduce you to the universe. The height of the mountains and the clear sky will give you the best vision of the entire solar system. Where you can appreciate the Milky Way, different solar systems, and with a little luck, a falling star.

Don’t forget to take a jacket to keep you warm and  ready to feel incredibly small in front of the vast universe.

Stardust Love…



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