Popular Shows In Tenerife – Must See

Piramide de Arona

Professional Shows: Music, Dance, Concerts, Humour, exposition. https://marenostrumresort.com/actividades-en-tenerife/espectaculos/piramide-arona/

Music Hall Tavern

It hosts a hilarious comedy drag show you will enjoy from start to finish. Fabulous costumes, side-splitting laughter and a cast of unique characters singing and dancing all night long. https://musichalltavern.com/

Scandal dinner show

A unique, luxurious and daring cabaret style show that goes around the conventional shows. https://scandaldinnershow.com/

Brahms & Liszt

Show bar  featuring top class cabaret and warm friendly atmosphere. https://brahmsandliszt.weebly.com/

Castillo de San Miguel

As soon as you enter the castle you will realize that you are in an authentic medieval world. The friendly subjects of Count Don Rodrigo will accompany you to the Tournament Hall, where a show of fair fights, tournaments and medieval games will take place in the presence of the Counts. During the Tournament the banquet will be served. https://medievaladventure.com/

Joe Guillen Magic Show


Skybar Tenerife

Discover the best sunsets from Skybar Tenerife. https://zambraskybar.com/

Auditorio Infanta Leonor



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