Of all the incredibly beautiful corners of the magical island of Tenerife, I will definitely have to choose Icod de Los Vinos, home to the ancient drago milenario tree.

Drago Milenario

Located in the Northwest, taking the long route from Los Gigantes will allow you to embark upon a spectacular path of beauty. Every single turn will show you a myriad of plants, flowers, colours and changes in temperature. Probably one of the best natural gardens you could find. Here in a luscious park, surrounded by the most beautiful local plants, the majestic tree of Tenerife: DRAGO MILENARIO stands. Like many other treasures on this island, pictures will not do it justice.


Legends say that when dragons die they become a Draconian Draco. EL DRAGO MILENARIO has been a national monument since 1971. It stands 20 mt high,weighs approximately 150 tonnes, and is probably more than 900 years old. It was declared a national monument in 1917. In 1985 an  agriculturist installed a large fan inside the trunk cavity to prevent fungal growth.

The DRAGO MILENARIO will make every human’s ego feel miserable. However it will also remind us the importance of protecting our natural, beautiful environment. Have a stop nearby La Cueva del Viento, and listen to the sweet songs of the local birds. Icod de los Vinos is an incredible city, the colours will take your breath away.

Don’t forget to make space on your phones for pics and videos before you visit. Take your time and stop for a local wine tasting and a bite of the local food. Here they are simply unique. The best present you could probably get is the SANGRE del DRAGO liquor, so you can remember the taste of PARADISE once you’re back home.

Drago Milenario – Icod de los vinos


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