Los Abrigos

It was once known as El Abrigo, the overcoat, as it is one of only a few naturally protected harbours in the south of the Island and was the Fishermen’s Overcoat, protecting them from storms. It is reminiscent of an English Fishing village, with a footpath down to the port and the long harbour wall. It is a fully working fishing port, with the fish being available for purchase in a well organised Market located just about the Harbour.

Los Abrigos

You’ll be impressed with this slice of authentic island life. Los Abrigos has its own volcanic beach, a nice little cove, natural swimming pool a traditional Canarian plaza with a cute little church and a few cafés and shops. Tuesday night is a market night. Sample the goods on offer at Tenerife’s only evening market which starts at 6pm. Anything you might need is to be found in a few Supermarkets placed throughout the village.

Los Abrigos

The best fish restaurants in Tenerife

It has picturesque little harbour, with colorful fishing boats supplying fresh fish for restaurant’s. A paradise for seafood and fish lovers, lots of lovely restaurants line the pretty harbour and are the perfect place to sample local dishes. The local fish selection is great: Cherne, Lubina, Dorada, Sama, Vieja, Pompano, Merluza are all tasty locally caught species, anything else will have been shipped in.

They are among the best fish restaurants in Tenerife!

Los Abrigos

There’s nothing quite like sipping and savoring as you watch the sun disappearing behind the horizon, to give you that warm holiday feeling. And it’s not just the mix of fresh crab, lobster, oysters, mussels, seam bream etc, the restaurants serve a good mix of Canarian cuisine, prime cuts of meat, tapas and of course paella.

Los Abrigos sunset
Los Abrigos harbour

Like the beautiful sunset isn’t enough, you can experience some of the loveliest sunrises in Los Abrigos. It is a heart warming visit that’s for sure.

LOs Abrigos Sunrise
Los Abrigos sunrise

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