Things To Do In Tenerife


Tenerife is really breathtaking. This beautiful Island has a little portion of heaven for everyone’s taste. However, where do you go for your slice, depends on your preference. 


Tenerife South is where all the action is. Some of the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cabarets and almost all of night life bustle are located/happening in the area between Los Cristianos and Fanabe. If you are more about culture, fine dining and a fun night out, then this will be your cup of tea.

Los Abrigos and La Caleta fishing villages host some of the best fish restaurants, where fresh fish from Atlantic Ocean is prepared by some of the most skilled chefs in this part of the world.

If you want to explore and have an active holiday, then whole of the Island is your playground.

There are so many excursions on water, land and air, like jet ski, parascending, boat trips, windsurfing and surfing, paragliding, helicopter rides and many, many more. There are various hiking tours with stunning views of the Island, to enjoy them all, until your heart is content.



One of the most popular sentences we hear is: ”I just want to chill at a beach bar, sipping my Cocktail on a sun lounger, next to the pool, enjoying the music played by greatly experienced DJ. We hear you. There are many beach bars to choose from, enough, to have your head spin.


Cocktail in the beach bar Tenerife
Cocktail in Beach Bar in Tenerife

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